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Barracuda Internet of Things
Secure your internet-connected devices and operational technology.

Barracuda Internet of Things


Secure large networks of IIoT devices.

Every industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) device needs a firewall, but how do you handle the management, deployment and cost of thousands of firewalls? Barracuda Secure Connector provides granular security to every device with zero-touch deployment and economical scalability.

Protect your industrial control systems and operational technology.

Barracuda rugged firewall models provide full-featured security and connectivity to industrial control systems, connecting your operational technology networks with information technology networks.

Unique digital identity

If you need to manage hundreds or thousands of devices, it is crucial that you can identify every single unit. Deploying Secure Connector appliances and Secure Access Controller lets you assign a unique digital identity for every connected device, based on digital certificates via VPN.

Scalable access protection and control

Up to 2,500 Secure Connector appliances can be connected securely to a Secure Access Controller, which provides full next-generation security functionality including IPS, anti-malware, and Advanced Threat Protection.

Edge computing support

Every Secure Connector appliance includes a customizable Linux container image so you can deploy your own applications for monitoring their managed devices. Distribution and maintenance of these applications is done centrally via the Barracuda Firewall Control Center.

Predictive maintenance

Barracuda Secure Connector appliances let third-party maintenance organizations establish an encrypted connection to Barracuda Secure Access Controller to run applications for access control, security scanning, and policy enforcement.


Industrial micro-segmentation

Industrial assets on your production floor are just as much a target as your IT environment. You can prevent attacks from spreading quickly across your infrastructure with micro-segmentation.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances easily detect, report, and enforce industrial protocols and sub-protocols (SCADA). It gives you total visibility, powerful logging, and quick, effortless firewall replacement when needed, without cumbersome licensing and activation.

Controlled remote connectivity

On the factory floor, you need to provide on-demand, simple, third-party access to devices via secure VPN, while ensuring strict control over that access.

The Advanced Remote Access feature of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall makes it extremely convenient to grant secure, temporary VPN access to sensitive parts of manufacturing assets for third-party maintenance providers. For example, you can configure permissions to let specified operations staff open a predefined remote VPN connection via phone or tablet.

Featured Products

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, includes advanced Internet of Things capabilities and supports connections to distributed sites, multiple clouds, and remote users.

  • Easily manage massive firewall deployments
  • Granular site-to-site connectivity
  • Enterprise-grade WAN optimization
  • Complete visibility over all revisions
  • Secure all your attack surfaces

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Secure your internet-connected devices and operational technology.